The 2021 PALACES RIDE Gallery

Despite the awful forecast, the ride was luckily rain free. We set a mximum of 30 riders and we had 30 riders attend, just like we are supposed to under current Covid rules. The ride was adapted on the day as, at one time, it looked as if the heavens would open. However, luckily they didn’t and a fun picnic lunch was taken in the fabulous Plantations at Bushy Park.

This vintage cycle ride ended back at Dave and Brenda’s for tea and some lovely bread pudding, with everyone leaving at around 5 O’clock. It was the first real get together we have had for quite a long time and much talking ensued. Thank you to everyone for attending and for the many emails of thanks afterwards

Below are a few photos taken on the day by club several members. If any other SVBTC club members have other photos of this event, please do get in touch so that we can add them to the website.